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Manic is an impressive, powerful blade for white water paddling that was inspired from the slalom blade, Naja. Its profile provides a powerful stroke that’s required for fast power transfer from stroke to boat movement. Kayakers can paddle harder rivers thanks to this feature. All the parameters of the slalom blade were supported by extremely strong construction that provides a hightened firmness and resistance to breaking the blade.  We didn’t use classic alloy edge but material that’s more suitable to resist abrasion. We have used MCQ technology to get still better paddle properties. Carbon and aramid construction make this paddle stronge and stiff.


Foam Core

- Ribbed back face for extra strength

- Offset blade provides extra reach and power

- Carbon Construction

- Width: 19.5cm

- Length: 50.5cm


- Carbon Connector - This shaft option adds the convenience of portability and adjustability while maintaining the highest level of structural integrity.  Paddle can be separated, reconnected, and/or adjusted be releasing and tightening tension lever.

                                   Great option for freqeut travellers or for use as a spare paddle.

- This paddle can be painted to match any color or design, though there may be an extra charge. 2-3 week lead time on custom painted paddles. Please send email to info@galasportusa.com for more info.

Paddle of choice for extreme racers Mike Dawson and Isaac Levinson


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