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New K1 model RAD! has been developed in cooperation with Vavra Hradilek and Vit Prindis. Primary aim was to improve the popular Sonic Boom. The main strength of the Sonic Boom was its speed, which was due to the hull shape, so this has been kept the same. Speed of rotation of Tik-Tak model contained us to apply the flatness of the tail on the RAD! too. But the main feature are rails moulded into the hull of the boat. These rails work on the same princip as fins - keeping the boat on track and optimising the speed carried through upstream gates. All these features means new great K1 boat on the market! 

PLEASE CALL TO ORDER: 240.380.3652

Prices for different layups:
CarboLight ...$2350
Profi .............$2065
Flexi............. $1707
Mixt ..............$1525
Diolen ..........$1305
Available Colors: Color Chart , Template. 
The boat can be ordered in five different material modifications.


The highest specification available. This construction is intended for the most demanding slalom racers addressing not only the improved construction but also the looks. The biggest advantages of Carbolight technology are: weight, durability, firmness and great look due to the first carbon layer. A combination of 3 types of foam sandwich, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology, Carbon surface and Carbon & Carbon/Aramid combination inside the boat. New developed Pyramid technology is used to provide lighter and more solid boats that would meet new ICF requirements (read more about this technology here). The principle of new pyrmid technology is in general dual stiffness control of the aft section of the boat hull. Although seamless on the outside [except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection], there is aramid seam on the inside. With this new improved construction, this results in a very strong boat with good resistance to damage. 

Boat weight (no seat) : K1 6.6-7.4 kg, C1 6.8-7.5 kg, C2 11 kg.



The most popular construction, the Profi gives a robust high performance racing construction. Vacuum bag technology is used with a combination of 3 kinds of sandwich, MGS epoxy system, SGL Carbon/Aramid fabric with no glass fabric included. Carbon-Aramid fabric makes this construction suitable for more slightly rough treatment in comparison with our Carbolight. Aramid seams (outside and inside) and hard foam-pillars (Styrodur) protect the whole boat.

Weight: K1 7.9-8.3 kg, C1 8.8-9.4 kg and C2 11.5-13.5 kg.



A good economical alternative to the Profi suitable for regular competitors Uses an MGS epoxy system with SGL Carbon/Aramid fabric. Using vacuum bag technology (for the deck only) with Spheretex sandwich,the hull is 50 % Carbon/Aramid and 50% glass fabric, the deck is 40% Carbon/Aramid and 60% glass fabric. Outside and inside Aramid seams and hard foam-pillars protect the whole boat

Weight: K1 8.5-9.2 kg, C1 9.2-10 kg and C2 14-15 kg.



An economical construction suitable for the beginners. The deck is a combination of carbon-aramid and glass fabric (20:80) with no vacuum technology used. The hull consists of carbon-aramid and glass fabric (50:50) with no vacuum technology used. Outside aramid and inside diolen seam, hard foampillars (Styrodur) protect the whole boat.

Weight: K1 8.8-9.5 kg and C1 9.8-10.2 kg.

Economical construction for beginners. We use epoxy resin, E-glass fabric, 2 sq meters of SGL carbon/aramid fabric under the seat and stiffening ribs in the hull, outside aramid and inside diolen seam, hard foam-pillars(Styrodur).
Accessories: anatomical glass seat. 


WeightK1 9.0-9.8 kg and C1 10.0-10.6 kg

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