5 - 8 Weeks

The Caipi is the new model developed from the popular Tik Tak kayak in cooperation with World and European champion Boris Neveu. The cockpit has been moved backwards by a couple of centimetres, the bumps behind the cockpit have been cut down compared to the Tik Tak, and the widest point of the kayak has been moved back in order to make the tail more stable. This model is more stable in upstream gates and more responsive as a whole.

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO ORDER: 240 380 3652 , info@galasportusa.com


Prices for different layups:
Carbolight $2350
Profi $2065

Suitable for paddlers 50kg-90kg

Available Colors: Color Chartboat template

The Caipi is only available in Carbolight and Profi layups.

Our highest quality racing boat. This lay-up is for the most demanding slalom racers, addressing not only performance but also appearance. We use a combination of 3 types of foam core, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology. A carbon surface is laid over a durable carbon/kevlar combination inside the boat. Although seamless on the outside (except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection), it has double seams on the inside. With this new improved construction, we bring to the market a very strong boat with good resistance to damage.

Weight: 7-8 kg

High performance racing construction. We use vacuum bag technology, a combination of 2 kinds of foam core (Spheretex hull), MGS epoxy system, SGL carbon/aramid fabric, outside-inside aramid seams and hard foam-pillars (Styrodur), Suitable for shallow and rocky rivers.

Weight: 7.5-8.5 kg

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