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Our new K-1 blade, “MEG” is designed for paddlers who prefer a simpler, less-offset blade compared with the Naja or Raven (which offset the blade 8mm from the centerline of the shaft). Based on our Laki blade, the MEG is shorter, wider, and more rounded, producing a very stable pull through the water. This paddle is also noticeably lighter than previous blades. The MEG was designed in collaboration with two of the best Slovenian kayakers, Jure Meglic (he started to shape this blade in 2012) and Vid Karner, and comes in two sizes. The smaller version incorporates size-specific changes from Vid Karner and is an excellent blade for juniors. Comes on a 28mm Carbon Straight Shaft or Carbon Mototorque shaft. 


Width: 20.5cm

Length: 47.5cm

Area: 663cm2 


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